Grizzly Bear Prep Veckatimest For May Release

Grizzly Bear Prep <i>Veckatimest</i> For May Release
Mark May 26 on your calendars, kids, 'cause that's when Grizzly Bear are dropping their hugely anticipated Yellow House follow-up.

For a title, the Brooklynites have settled on Veckatimest and are putting out their latest slab of experimental folk rock through Warp. Beach House's Victoria Legrand lent her voice to the record, as did NYC neoclassicist Nico Muhly, who also did its orchestration.

At this point, Grizzly Bear have described the album as having everything from a more "live sound" to a more "poppy" sound to being "slightly more a sunny afternoon versus a fall afternoon." The band have revealed they recorded much of Veckatimest in a hometown church, as well as at Allaire Studios in upstate New York. And they've also said where Veckatimest comes from: it's a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Along with doing the summer festival thing at Sasquatch! and Bonnaroo, Grizzly Bear are plotting a spring tour, with details to be announced shortly.

There is no word, however, if Warp has hired Web Sheriff to police the album.


1. "Southern Point"
2. "Two Weeks"
3. "All We Ask"
4. "Fine For Now"
5. "Cheerleader"
6. "Dory"
7. "Ready, Able"
8. "About Face"
9. "Hold Still"
10. "While You Wait For The Others"
11. "I Live With You"
12. "Foreground"