Grizzly Bear + Brian Eno = New Phoenix Remix

Grizzly Bear + Brian Eno = New Phoenix Remix
Here's one we didn't see coming. Much-loved French popsters Phoenix have given much-loved Brooklyn, NY experimenters Grizzly Bear a remix. Well, sort of.

Over on Phoenix's website, the band have posted two YouTube clips: one of Grizzly Bear's "Foreground" and another of Brian Eno's "Canon in D Major." The plan? For you to make your remix/mash-up.

Phoenix explains: "A long time ago, Grizzly Bear asked us to remix one of their tracks, but we never found the boldness to mess with their beautiful songs. So the other day we figured, maybe if we combine great things together (Grizzly Bear, Eno, chance), it would create something good."

Still a bit confused? Maybe Phoenix's instructions will help:

1. Press play on either player
2. After an indefinite number of seconds, press play on the other player
3. You can create your own mix by adjusting the volume on either player
4. If it's good: enjoy. If it's bad: try again!

We tried Phoenix's little remix experiment, and we have to say, the results are pretty stunning. Try it for yourself here, or have at it below.