Grizzly Bear "Yet Again" (video)

Grizzly Bear 'Yet Again' (video)
"Yet Again" is one of the many immaculate, luscious sad-pop tapestries to appear on Grizzly Bear's latest stunner, Shields, but the ice skating star of its accompanying video is hardly having a perfect-10 day.

Before even attempting some lutzes, the glittery athlete flubs a few spins and bails hard, a move that apparently cracks the ice so hard it transports her to an underwater wonder world. From there, she resurfaces near an outdoor carnival scene, but gets there too late to even grab an all-beef frank from a vendor.

After dulling her skates in a greyed-out parking lot, she wanders into a hobo bonfire. A bearded guy gives her a lift home, where she proceeds to have a Carrie-style telekinetic breakdown that sets a whirlwind of posters and skating medals soaring around her room. She probably realized the nearest skate-sharpener just went on vacation.

You can check out her progressively more surreal and aggravating adventure down below.