Grinderman "Evil" (Video)

Grinderman 'Evil' (Video)
On the surface, Grinderman's latest video isn't exactly as out-there as their last clip for "Heathen Child." For one, Nick Cave and co. aren't dressed up in centurion costumes, jumping up and down like a bunch of mad men. In fact, they aren't in the clip at all. No devil women, gun fights or naked girls in tubs either. "Evil" features but two stars, a tiny bird and a vampire squid.

You start to feel tense as the clip bounces between the two creatures, though. The bird seems bored at first, but eventually settles into a butt-wriggling dance. It's the squid, though, that's most unsettling. Footage of the underwater monster writhing around, ultimately flipping its body inside out to reveal its fleshy underbelly, somehow link up to Cave's bizarrely desperate soul-singer pleas to his one and only. Male ritual: It's hypnotizing, to say the least.