​Grimes Will Release New Music This Week

​Grimes Will Release New Music This Week
Grimes has been popping up on collaborations with the likes of Poppy, Bring Me the Horizon and Loona (but not Azealia Banks), and now Claire Boucher has finally announced that she will unveil some of her very own new music later this week.
Sharing a link to new merch in her webstore, Grimes also revealed that new music would arrive on November 29.
Her new T-shirts feature Cyrillic text that spells out "Grimes," accompanied by her own alien-like artwork.
Check out the new merch designs here, and stay tuned to hear Grimes' latest musical offering on Thursday.

Her last full-length album was 2015's Art Angels. Back in June she hinted at an in-progress tracklisting for her follow-up and shared brief snippets of a couple new songs.