Grimes Walks Offstage in New York Mid-Song

Grimes Walks Offstage in New York Mid-Song
Photo: Rick Clifford
This past weekend, Grimes fought through a cold to deliver a wonderful set at Bestival in Toronto. But during a performance at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn last night (June 15), Claire Boucher abruptly ended her set mid-song.

Opening for Florence and the Machine, Boucher walked offstage after performing "World Princess Part II." "We just had a really disturbing thing happen to us today, so sorry if my voice is shaking, it's just kind of a fucked day...trying to keep it together," she said in introducing the song. 

Brooklyn Vegan reports that the house lights came up following her departure.

As of yet, neither Grimes nor her label 4AD has issued a formal statement about the incident.

Watch fan-shot video of the stage walk-off below.

UPDATE (6/16, 7:15 p.m. EDT): Grimes has acknowledged the incident on social media, though details behind the walk-off remain vague. She tweeted: "I will explain what happened at Barclays once I can safely and legally do so." She then asked fans and media to not speculate about the situation based on unreliable sources, but thanked those who have offered their support.

UPDATE (6/17, 12:10 p.m. EDT): Grimes has also announced that she'll have a new song titled "Medieval Warfare" coming up in the new Suicide Squad film.