Grimes Refuses Ice Bucket Challenge Due to ALS Association's Animal Testing

Grimes Refuses Ice Bucket Challenge Due to ALS Association's Animal Testing
If you've logged onto social media in the last week or two, there's a good chance that you've seen people participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people dump freezing water on their heads to raise money to combat the motor neurone disorder. Grimes was challenged to participate by Richie Hawtin, but she opted not to donate to the ALS Association on ethical grounds.

What could Grimes possibly have against this cause? Writing on her blog, she noted that she won't be supporting the ALSA "because of their record of testing on animals." Instead, she made a donation to the Malala Fund, a charity which aims to help girls get an education.

She didn't make a video, writing, "I don't feel great about wasting water in this California drought." Even without a clip, however, she did issue challenges to Detroit Madness, Hana Pestle and Blood Diamonds. Her statement is below:

Haha okay, richie is probably the nicest and coolest person I've ever met so i can't really refuse him. however, I would like to say that I don't feel great about wasting water in this california drought, but i will donate money. However I will not donate money to this foundation because of their record of testing on animals, but I will donate money to the Malala fund because education is the key to ending almost every issue that faces humanity and our world today. yep yep! do i have to make a video to nominate other people? if so I'll do that later, but in the mean time Im calling out Detroit madness, Hana pestle and Blood diamonds

Grimes isn't the first person to take exception to the ALSA's record of animal testing, as Pamela Anderson also refused the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on these grounds. A sponsor for the ALSA told The Daily Banter [via Pitchfork]:

Significant advances have been made in ALS and other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease using model systems such as rodents, flies and worms to better understand disease mechanisms and to develop therapies. With advances in technology made possible through research funding from The ALS Association, different approaches to minimize the use of these model systems are being developed. Similar to organizations globally, The ALS Association supports laboratories and scientists that strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the National Institutes of Health. The Association is committed to honoring donor intent. If a donor is not comfortable with a specific type of research, he or she can stipulate that their dollars not be invested in that particular area.