Grimes Pens Essay on Taking Control of Her Career and Being a Boss

Grimes Pens Essay on Taking Control of Her Career and Being a Boss
Grimes has never shied away from making her voice heard, and not just through her music. The outspoken Canadian electro-pop musician has previously offered statements about issues like veganism and hard drugs, and now excerpts from an upcoming essay about being a boss have emerged online through Elle.

The essay will be published in full on October 21 with the release of Rookie Mag's Rookie Yearbook Three and in it Grimes discusses navigating her way through the music industry as a businesswoman.

"Something I didn't realize when I started making music was that any entrepreneurial endeavor involves hiring people, creating a company, and becoming a businessperson," she writes. "So, while you may know me as a musician, in practice I am also a boss. I'm the CEO of two companies, Grimes Creative Corp and Fairy Tour Corp, and I just started Roco-Prime Productions with my brother. This is simultaneously very cool and very stressful."

She offers advice on how to cope with the stress of a hectic job, noting that she's adopted a "learning as you go" approach.

Grimes also takes on the haters that tried to push her in different directions after the success of Visions, writing: "People are judgmental about everything — often because they feel threatened. Ignore them. I think this applies to any business or creative thing, because tomorrow's world will not look like today's. Doing something different is probably better than doing the same things that other people do."

She goes on to discuss maintaining professional working relationships with collaborators, building confidence and honing creativity. You can read more excerpts over here before Rookie Yearbook Three hits bookshelves later this month.

Perhaps the most important advice she gives? "If you are tired and you need to be peppy, drinking a bit of straight hot sauce really works."