Grimes "Voignamir" (ft. Majical Cloudz' Devon Welsh)

Grimes "Voignamir" (ft. Majical Cloudz' Devon Welsh)
Before we hear any new songs from Grimes, she continues to clean house on old tracks. First, she shared the rejected Rihanna single "Go," and now she's let loose an old, rare collaboration with Majical Cloudz' Devon Welsh.

The track (which carries the file name "Voignamir," so we'll assume that's the title) is driven by single-note guitar leads, straight forward drums and vocal trade-offs between Claire Boucher and Welsh. It's the indie pop song we didn't know either party was capable of making.

On her Tumblr, Boucher shared the following information:

ooooh my gosh

found this song on my computer that me and dev of majical cloudz made in like 2009 about our cat voignamir who at the time was on very bad terms with us because we were forcing him to diet and so he was like, very violent but literally like 20 or 30 pounds.

i dont know why it sounds like indie rock haha, neither of us really make music like this

Listen to "Voignamir" below.