Grimes "Go" (Muneshine and Khamsin Flip)

Grimes 'Go' (Muneshine and Khamsin Flip)
Grimes has got a lot of mileage out of her Rihanna-rejected "Go" since she issued it herself last year. In addition to the original track with Blood Diamonds and a recent peek at the tune's incubation stage, the R&B- and EDM-mashing track has now been wavily worked over by producers Muneshine and Khamsin.

The pair's remix pitch-shifts the piece, chucking the melody up a couple of keys. They manipulate Grimes' vocals for the most part, chopping vocal runs into burps and blips, but they let an emotionally impactful "dreams, they feel like memories when I dream of you" ride out in full in the mid-section. The producers add a couple dog pound barks to the track as well.

You can go sample and download Muneshine and Khamsin's flip at the bottom of the page.