Greyhound Tragedy Myself Is My Favourite

Pushing almost 20 years together, 18 tours and five albums, Edmonton’s Greyhound Tragedy are a sadly overlooked heavy Canadian band. The release of latest effort Myself Is My Favourite will hopefully shift the tide in their favour though… if they are at all able to reproduce the moody aura within. Falling closer to the hard rock side of the spectrum with mild heavy metal influence, Myself Is My Favourite is a different kind of heavy. Instead of furious drums and throat-tearing vocals, the band are content to bring a more Black Sabbath dominance to the table; to let their resolute darkness and eerie current ride over much of this effort. Sure that doesn’t sound entirely unique, but it’s actually quite unnerving and creepy, especially when they actually manage to work a Theremin, pedal steel and trumpet into the process. With their laidback pacing, dedication to groove and keen understanding of how to rock but pull back before things reach the ludicrous level of say, cock rock, Greyhound Tragedy have an almost Bluesman-esque approach to their heavy music: you do have to be a bit older to fully comprehend how to feel the groove. (Independent)