Grendel Soilbleed

It is usually a sign of presumptuous publicity when a band compare themselves with other successful musicians. In Grendel’s case, their press release assertions that this Euro act is in the same league of :Wumpscut:, Hocico and Suicide Commando are not far off. Featuring seven tracks and running at just over half an hour, the Soilbleed EP is a high-energy blast of devious EBM. Aptly taking their name from a mythical monster in Beowulf that lured people from their village in order to drown them, Grendel’s music achieves a similar effect; luring unsuspected listeners — you get the idea. Opening the album is "Soilbleed (V.3),” a track that incorporates sound bites from films (including the overly sampled Full Metal Jacket) effectively to create a furiously marching piece of dark electronica. The group also remix Kernkraft 400 in "Zombienation (V.2K5)” and do it well, though the original is still more enjoyable. Two mixes of "Soilbleed” also appear here, though neither are noteworthy and really, why remix a song that has yet to prove itself worthy of repeated listening? There is an overall catchiness behind this acts’ savagery and this disc will definitely please a club crowd. Filled with high-energy beats entwined in sinister vocals, this EP offers hope towards their future full-length endeavours. (Metropolis)