Greg Weeks Bleecker Station

New York City's Greg Weeks continues to pen desperately sad songs charming enough to nod off to, and I mean that in the best possible way. His latest work, an eight-song EP entitled Bleecker Station, is as stripped-down as we've heard him so far. Written and recorded in a matter of days, the EP is a clear look into love gone wrong, and the effects of a turbulent relationship. Gone are the mellotron sounds that characterised his last full-length, Fire in the Arms of the Sun, replaced with noodly guitars that warm on occasion, but are an inadequate replacement for powerful string washes. To be fair, Weeks' writing has continued to improve, with bleak, beautiful lyricism found throughout, as the title would suggest, most notably on such gems as "Front to Back" and "Distance." Maybe the mellotron would be a bit too pretty for this subject matter anyway. (Keyhole)