Greenfield Main Hunting Tips For Everyone

He was one of the head loons in a great, under-appreciated, terribly named band in Steaming Toolie. He currently leads with leg kicks in the GBV fuzz parade Rhume. So when Jon Bartlett decided to make a country record, it seemed easy to imagine it as a piss-take. And while Hunting Tips For Everyone (which is largely what it seems ¾ with tributes to small game rifles, woodchucks, bow hunting and tips on bagging your turkey) is funny, it's not a joke. And while it is country (and bluegrass, and folk), it's more a tribute to Bartlett's heritage in New Brunswick than an homage to old George Jones records. Particularly the childhood memories of skills learned not in school but in the bush, and to the peculiarly male pride that comes from honouring nature by killing one of its smaller members. It's a pride that Bartlett communicates without judgement and little irony; when he dedicates the album to "my dad, his dad and the first squirrel I picked off with dad's .22," it has a peculiar poignancy. Urban dwellers are better off keeping this experience on CD, leaving the killing fields to the flannelled professionals, but Greenfield Main is as close as you want to get without having to clean and fillet it for dinner. (Kelp)