Green Burrito Lines Up New Releases from Gal Gracen, Aaron Read

Green Burrito Lines Up New Releases from Gal Gracen, Aaron Read
Cassette imprint Green Burrito has delivered releases from a number of Vancouver bands over the years, from White Poppy to Weed to one-time local Mac DeMarco, and the label will offer up two more West Coast-based efforts next month. Tapes from both the city's Gal Gracen and Aaron Read are set to drop February 8.

Gal Gracen is the solo project of Role Mach's Patrick Geraghty, and his Blue Hearts in Exile tape takes on a more cloudy, '80s soft pop style than his raucous indie-garage outfit. Speaking with Exclaim, Geraghty noted the seven-song set was self-produced, but does feature some guest appearances from Apollo Ghost's Adrian Teacher and fellow Vancouverite Jay Arner.

He added that the collection of self-described "classic romance music" is "very mellow, incorporates a lot of loops but not electro beats or synths or anything." You can sample Gal Gracen's "∞" and check the tape's tracklisting down below.

Read, who also plays in How To Dress Well's live band, is following up his 2011 effort Bubble Skulls with a new album called Even Rats Can Feel the Sun. Unfortunately, a tracklisting has not yet been made available.

Both musicians will play a double-tape release party February 8 at the Astoria Pub, with guests Watermelon booked as the opening act.

Blue Hearts in Exile:

1. Blue Hearts 1

2. ∞

3. Ma-Ha-Bone

4. Love Fantasy, My Beautiful Girl

5. Miss June Goth

6. Sylvan Tragedy

7. Blue Hearts 2