Great Lake Swimmers' Tony Dekker Touring Antarctica

Great Lake Swimmers' Tony Dekker Touring Antarctica
In recent years, we've heard of bands like the White Stripes and Hey Rosetta! heading up north for shows in some seriously chilly climates. Something even more rare, however, is a musician playing shows in Antarctica. Starting today (December 27), Great Lake Swimmers frontman Tony Dekker will be doing just that, as he is launching a two-week tour of the world's most unforgiving continent.

Of course, Antarctica's fixed population is practically nil, so there aren't exactly a lot of venues for Dekker to play at. The songwriter will be traveling with Students on Ice, a Quebec-based organization that takes students on trips of the Arctic and Antarctic. According to a press release, Dekker's audience during this tour will consist of "a group of 60 high school students and a few millions penguins."

The expedition will also include a "team of scientists, educators, journalists and, of course, artists." Dekker said, in a statement, "I see the expedition as a good opportunity to practice my craft with an emphasis and focus on an environmental trip. For years I've been writing songs that have a connection with the environment. The beauty of a trip like this, and what really appeals to me, is that hopefully youth can become inspired."

We'll have to see if the next Great Lake Swimmers albums ends up including some tunes about his time in the Antarctic.

Of course, we won't be able to attend any of these shows, but we can follow the trip's progress over at the Students on Ice website, where the voyage be tracked with daily updates.