Great Lake Swimmers, the Creepshow and More Head to Exclaim! TV Land

Great Lake Swimmers, the Creepshow and More Head to Exclaim! TV Land
Looking for an exciting way to cure the Monday blues? Head on over to Exclaim TV! to perk up your spirits and see we have in store for you this week.

In Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor, Matt Gee and Sean McNab of psychobilly band the Creepshow found time to break away from their current tour and pay us a visit to discuss the big news of venturing off into a new label, Hellcat Records. They also partake in a hilarious round of "Headbands: Horror Edition," which cannot be missed.

With no dance experience behind them, the Junction try to improve their rhythmic dancing skills by investing some time at Toronto's Gotta Dance Studio. Watch them work their way up from a warm-up to some serious dance routines. And don't miss a performance from Winnipeg collective Sights and Sounds, who took the stage in the Juicebox Manor basement with songs "Reconcile" and "Storm and the Sun."

Lastly, in Garageland, Great Lake Swimmers hit the Sonic Boom Records basement in Toronto, where main man Tony Dekker shows his appreciation for the Olympics. He also reveals what he believes to be the most meaningful piece of recognition he received for their 2009 record, Lost Channels.

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