Grayskull Bloody Radio

Oldominion members Onry Ozzborn and JFK return once again as their Grayskull alter egos Count Draven and Count Magnus, respectively, for their Rhymesayers debut, Bloody Radio. As with their prior releases, both solo and as a duo, Onry and JFK embrace dark production and even darker imagery for a vague sort of horrorcore. However, it’s just a mask that barely disguises the lyrical content, which runs the gamut from serious subject matter, like the duo’s salvation via hip-hop ("Virginia N.M.2”), and the misguided alternative path they might have taken ("Missing”), to the more typical hip-hop braggadocio and battle tracks ("Haunted,” "Us” and more). The two MCs even experiment with double-time flows on two of the album’s dancier numbers, "Bloody Radio” and "Scarecrow.” While Cage and Slug each drop a dope verse, the best (and most surprising) appearance comes from the usually uplifting Pigeon John on "Dance the Frantic,” likely the darkest song on the album, followed by Andrea Zollo’s singing on the chorus and third verse of "Missing.” Lovely. Fans of dark hip-hop will want to add Bloody Radio to their collection. (Rhymesayers)