Grayskull Bloody Radio

Grayskul's Bloody Radio is apparently a concept album (according to the press release) but unless the concept is obscurity, it’s lost. They even took on alter egos: Count Draven and Count Magnus. Perhaps the theme has something to do with the macabre looming over every song, save the eyebrow-raising "Scarecrow.” Once you close the case on "the mystery of the lost concept,” you'll find some decent music from the Rhymesayers duo. "Missing” recounts their come up, while "Virginia NM2” pretty much does the same thing but feels less threatening. "Give Me Love” is perfectly paranoid enough for a beat by Aesop Rock, who also appears with Slug on "The Office.” Another Def Jux’s member, Cage, outshines his hosts on the gloomy "How To Load A Tech.” Bloody Radio doesn’t do much to garner repeatability but promise a concept, yet after multiple plays said concept remains unfound. Maybe try playing to it backwards. (Rhymesayers)