Graydon James & the Young Novelists The Drake, Toronto ON March 21

Graydon James & the Young NovelistsThe Drake, Toronto ON March 21
On the surface, Graydon James and his Young Novelists are nothing more than another roots rock band who owe their existence to the Band. But there is more to the crack sextet than meets the eye. Easy going and amiable on stage, James's songs come from the heart; many were about his own family. But it was his ability to connect with the spartan crowd that really won over the gathered few. He, bass player Shawn Jurek and singer Laura Spink even managed to coax those in attendance into singing along with their gorgeous three-part harmonies for the band's final song. Toronto's plentiful roots rock riches mean that bands like this often get lost in the shuffle. But if James keeps delivering performances like this, there's no way he won't rise to the top.