Gravity Kills Superstarved

Superstarved marks the return of St. Louis, MO-based industrial rockers Gravity Kills. The disc is further evidence that they are a highly underrated and often overlooked band. After a lacklustre sophomore effort, the loss of drummer Kurt Kerns to the "nine to five” working world and a departure from what seemed to be the natural label for the band, TVT, the future looked grim. But Gravity Kills has bounced back on Sanctuary Records with a "back to their roots” disc that revisits the successes of the group’s first record. Superstarved features tracks that highlight Gravity Kills’ ability to blend industrial samples, à la Nine Inch Nails, with pop sensibilities (and not of the boy band sort either). Songs like "Love, Sex, and Money” and "One Thing” press buttons with their negative lyrical themes but don’t have that annoying "woe is me” quality that can be heard on other discs from this genre. An identical to the original cover of Depeche Mode’s "Personal Jesus” is misguided, however, lacking enough of Gravity Kills’ personality to make it stand out. (Sanctuary)