Graveworm Scourge Of Malice

Italy's Graveworm offers a pleasant twist on black metal on their third full-length. Opting against the overdone Euro-Satan vibe, Graveworm instead incorporate elements of another overcrowded genre, goth, to create a powerful listening experience. It almost sounds like Cradle Of Filth without the flair for the cinematic, the self-deprecating humour and the immense talent. The same knack for long, dramatic songs can be found though, along with a couple of different vocal styles (high and low, of course) and the presence of various stringed instruments, which are played very well and add to the sense of melancholy this band exudes. The songs sound great while at both blasting speeds and slow doom-y sleepwalks, which is no small feat. It wears you out after a while, but if you have a long attention span and a penchant for bleak music, Graveworm is a shining star. Scourge of Malice also features Gregorian chants, a manic Iron Maiden cover and at least one band member holding a sword. (Napalm)