Graves Brothers Deluxe Gonna Happen to You

Swagger. From Elvis through to Jon Spencer, it has been the spirit possessing and hip spoken force of rock. Mister Odom, the reptilian front-man of this quartet, inhabits swagger like a one-room apartment over a liquor store. The band has a past that tracks across the paths of Thin White Rope, the Loud Family and Granfaloon Bus, and they have a slippery and heavy sax and bass-driven funkiness that crosswires Morphine with a countrified Danzig. It's the sizzle you have to buy in order to enjoy the album, and there is sizzle aplenty, and musical virtuosity to spare. I just wouldn't want Mister Odom to date my daughter or crash on my couch. I suspect irreparable damage would be done to either, or both. (Unsafe At Any Speed)