Grass Widow Explore Past Time on Kill Rock Stars Debut

Grass Widow Explore <i>Past Time</i> on Kill Rock Stars Debut
San Francisco post-punk trio Grass Widow drew so much attention with their self-titled album and EP that they signed with Kill Rock Stars earlier this year. After recording with Mississippi Records head Alex Yusimov, they've emerged with a ten-song LP called Past Time.

Like previous releases, Past Time marries three-part harmonies and a pop sensibility with the band's addictive riffs and off-kilter rhythms. Citing influences as diverse as the Kinks, the Neo Boys and Kleenex, Grass Widow have created one of the year's most unique sounding albums.

 Kill Rock Stars will release Part Time on August 24. Pre-orders will receive a direct download coupon on August 3, and the first 100 orders will also come with a free button. A music video for lead single "Fried Egg" can be viewed below.

Past Time:

1. "Uncertain Memory"
2. "Shadow"
3. "11 Of Diamonds"
4. "Give Me Shapes"
5. "Old Disguise"
6. "Fried Egg"
7. "Landscape"
8. "Submarine"
9. "Strangers Come"
10. "Tuesday"