Grass Widow Explore 'Internal Logic' on New LP

Grass Widow Explore 'Internal Logic' on New LP
San Francisco indie pop experimenters Grass Widow topped themselves with the release of 2010's Past Time, a record that was packed with intricate musicianship and multipart harmonies. With that in mind, we can only imagine how addictively complicated their new album will be.

The trio's third platter is an 11-song collection called Internal Logic. Album track "Disappearing Industries" was already released on a split seven-inch with Nature, while "Milo Minute" was performed in a zoo-themed music video.

According to a press release, Internal Logic is the band's "most refined musical statement." Album opener "Goldilocks Zone," which can be streamed below, certainly supports this sentiment.

Internal Logic will be available on May 22 via the band's own HLR imprint.

Internal Logic:

1. Goldilocks Zone
2. Hang Around
3. Milo Minute
4. Under the Atmosphere
5. Disappearing Industries
6. A Light in the Static
7. Spock on MUNI
8. Advice
9. Cover You
10. Whistling in the Dark
11. Response to Photographs