Grant Lee Buffalo's 'Mighty Joe Moon' Gets Vinyl Reissue

Grant Lee Buffalo's 'Mighty Joe Moon' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Grant Lee Buffalo have played some reunion shows in recent years, but the rootsy '90s band still haven't released a new album since 1998's Jubilee. While that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon, their 1994 album Mighty Joe Moon is set to get a vinyl reissue on February 17 through Plain Recordings.

This will come out on 180-gram vinyl. According to a listing on Discogs, the only prior vinyl pressing was a UK edition way back in '94.

Mighty Joe Moon was a commercial breakthrough for the band and included the hit "Mockingbirds." An announcement from the label calls this "a highlight of the era and the best record the band ever made." There's no bonus material, and the original 13-song tracklist has been preserved.

It's available to pre-order here.

Since the turn of the millennium, frontman Grant-Lee Phillips has gone on to release a string of solo albums.

Mighty Joe Moon:

A1. Lone Star Song
A2. Mockingbirds
A3. It's the Life
A4. Sing Along
A5. Mighty Joe Moon
A6. Demon Called Deception
A7. Lady Godiva And Me
B1. Drag
B2. Last Days of Tecumseh
B3. Happiness
B4. Honey Don't Think
B5. Side by Side
B6. Rock of Ages