Grandaddy + Earlimart = Admiral Radley

Grandaddy + Earlimart = Admiral Radley
Former Grandaddy members Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch have joined forces Earlimart's Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray for a new project, which they're calling Admiral Radley.

The band have kept relatively mum about the whole thing, but as TwentyFourBit points out, there are two posts now on the band's website: one showing a classified ad that Lytle "happened to find" on Craigslist about a man named Admiral Radley trying to sell a 747 airplane (or at least trade it for a submarine), and another with the band's modus operandi:

The music, the shows, and the press are all secondary. Above all, we are looking for Admiral Radley. We must admit... we don't  know what we'll do when we find this Admiral Radley.

Probably just ask him what he's been up to.
Probably ask him about the adventures he's been on.
Probably feel stupid about asking him so many questions.

Then.....We'll play him songs from the album we made.

No word yet on when such an album will see release, but the band have a handful of American tour dates scheduled.

Tour dates:

3/17 Dallas, TX - Granada Theater
3/20 Austin, TX - "Six Stages Over Texas" Benefit Show
3/24 Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Theatre