Grand Atlantic Constellations

Brisbane, Australia's Grand Atlantic return with second full-length Constellations. This effort was interestingly, and rather hastily, recorded in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Such an exciting fact may look good on paper, but doesn't necessarily make for a thrilling album. The tunes presented on this LP are dripping with sentimentalism and whispers of yesterday, whether lyrically or via references to the guitar pop of the '60s and '70s. While this release is certainly not stale, it isn't a breath of fresh air either. Grand Atlantic show their worth on more psychedelic-tinged burners like "Poison to the Vine" and the title track. This may be the essential step in their evolution into an act that can develop a surprising LP. Until then, the tracks here will continue to keep listeners busy, showing a band that most certainly know how to put on a show. (Remedy)