Grand Analog "People People" on Exclaim! TV

Grand Analog 'People People' on Exclaim! TV
Toronto hip-hop band Grand Analog have managed to distinguish their sound by balancing live instruments alongside digital sounds. As a result, their albums and live performances are engaging, dynamic affairs, and their latest album, Modern Thunder, is no different.

We met up with Grand Analog at Toronto's Drake Hotel where they performed album track "People People." The performance differs from the original recording, with front man Odario Williams starting with the first verse, accompanied by minimal instrumentation, before the full band joins in with an especially killer bass line. Check out the performance below.

Grand Analog perform at the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival in Toronto on Saturday, September 21 in Christie Pits Park. Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieries
Edited by Michael Thomas