Graham Parker Imaginary Television

Here's an interesting concept: British cult hero Parker was asked for the first time to write a television theme song. He gets so frustrated when it's not used that he decides to come up with his own television show premises and write theme songs for them. In less experienced hands, this might seem like a lark, but Parker takes the process seriously, crafting an album that's surprisingly brimming with a wide range of emotions. That shouldn't come as any surprise to long-time fans accustomed to his acerbic, rapid-fire lyrical style. Yet, Imaginary Television is his most melodic album in recent memory, as tracks like "Weather Report" and "Always Greener" attest. Perhaps it was for the best that Parker was denied a chance to pick up an easy paycheque, but based on some of the themes in these songs, he still could have a future as a television producer. (Bloodshot)