Gourds Cow, Fish, Fowl, or Pig

You know those guys who hang out at gas stations and play real good while they chew the cud? Come on, you know the type. They sound good, but you don’t know quite what they’re saying. And when they’re old, they’re the geezers that hang out at the bar, mumbling about days gone by or something because you can’t quite make it out. That can only mean the Gourds have released yet another record to make their body of work fully moonshine-soaked. Listen too close to Cow, Fish, Fowl, or Pig and you’ll get spooked — "Bicycles are everywhere/Fishbones a dollar, a natural pair,” from "Foggy Blossoms.” Some pairs are natural, and then they go off on some eyebrow-raising tangent. It’s kind of cool, in a backwater way. The Gourds are accomplished musicians and tight as catgut on a washtub. (Sugar Hill)