GoToHells RocknrollAmerica

Sounding like a less scummy and less confrontational Nashville Pussy, Florida's GoToHells are kicking out Southern-fried punk rock'n'roll with a boogie influence. A little too lightweight to be true trucker metal, this is the band the guy who runs the trucking company might listen to. You got some Black Crowes-esque "soul," back-up vocals on songs like "Wasted" and lots of lyrics about boozing and losing, as in "Drink Poison, Wrestle Snakes," all adding up to a band that obviously knows the territory. One of the band's biggest weaknesses, however, is an uncharismatic lead vocalist, who sounds like a million other rock singers. He's got the Southern rock growl down, but he's so incredibly generic that it's impossible to get excited about anything he's singing. The other problem is that the band doesn't throw enough musical curve balls to keep the listener interested. The singer should start smoking tons of wine-dipped cigarellos to roughen his voice and the band listen to only free jazz records for a few months. (Vagrant)