Gossip's Beth Ditto Launches Big and Beautiful Clothing Line

Gossip's Beth Ditto Launches Big and Beautiful Clothing Line
Gossip front-woman Beth Ditto has taken her plus-sized advocacy one step further with the launch of a new clothing line with Evans, a big-sized department store in the UK. The collection, suitably called Beth Ditto at Evans, is aimed at size 14-32 women in the teens to 30s and resembles the stage outfits Ditto wears on tour with the Gossip.

Ditto has been making her own stage clothes for years, so the chance to create her own clothing line was an exciting prospect, she recently told BBC Radio One. "It was awesome. I had so much fun, it's like a dream," she said. "All I used to do when I was little was, like, style Barbie dolls... So now it's like I get to dress fat Barbie dolls... which is awesome."

The 22-piece collection, which launches on July 9 at the UK clothing outlets, will feature domino print scarves (500 of which are being given away on the clothing line's website), fitted jackets, tight print dresses, and acid wash, acid wash and more acid wash. So, yeah, typical Ditto flair.

For what it's worth, celeb blogger Perez Hilton has wholeheartedly endorsed the clothing line. "Beth will hopefully change the entire plus-size clothing industry!!!" thrice exclaimed Hilton on a recent blog post.

The Gossip's new album, Music for Men, comes out physically on October 6 on Columbia Records.