Gorillaz Write Theme Song and Title Sequence For Beijing 2008 Olympics

Gorillaz Write Theme Song and Title Sequence For Beijing 2008 Olympics
With the Beijing Summer Games quickly approaching, BBC Sport has roped in some extra-animated muscle for its Olympics coverage: Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz. It was announced today that the British duo would be cooking up the title sequence and theme song for the network’s coverage of the Games, which take place from August 8 to 24.

Along with BBC Sport’s desire to bring in younger viewers, the Gorillaz’s ’toon/jock jam sprang from Monkey Journey to the West, the stage musical Albarn and Hewlett created around a Chinese folktale.

"The idea is that you tell the entire story of Journey to the West in a two-minute opening sequence, which is basically them on their way to the Olympic stadium," Hewlett told BBC Sport of the production, which revolves around the characters Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy.

BBC producer Jonathan Bramley added, "Monkey's journey to the West becomes a journey to the East. Monkey and the characters will travel across China to Beijing. While they will use magical powers to fight off various monsters and demons, they'll also use all sorts of Olympic sports as well. So Monkey might use gymnastic powers, Pigsy will be hurdling, and Sandy uses tae kwon do."

There is no word yet on when Gorillaz will give us a glimpse of their creation, but keep your fingers crossed that it turns out better than New Order’s "World in Motion,” the British act’s theme song for the England football team’s 1990 World Cup. Seriously, if you’ve never heard this track, consider yourself lucky... or hear it below.

New Order "World in Motion”