Gorillaz The Fall

Gorillaz <i>The Fall</i>
Well, Gorillaz have kept their promise. On this Christmas Day, the animated pop act released their new album The Fall via their online advent calendar. So if you thought you opened all your gifts already, there's one more waiting for you here.

To listen to the album, simply head to the Gorillaz' website, where you can stream The Fall. For now, a download is only available to Gorillaz fanclub members.

And of course, Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy.

The Fall:

1. "Phoner to Arizona"
2. "Revolving Doors"
3." HillBilly Man"
4. "Detroit"
5." Shy-Town"
6. "Little Pink Plastic Bags"
7. "The Joplin Spider"
8. "The Parish of Space Dust"
9. "The Snake in Dallas"
10. "Amarillo"
11. "The Speak It Mountains"
12. "Aspen Forest"
13. "Bobby in Phoenix"
14. "California and the Slipping of the Sun"
15. "Seattle Yodel"