Gorgoroth Verdict Reached in Trademark Case

Gorgoroth Verdict Reached in Trademark Case
More news from Norway, only this time it's not very cool. Despite coming off as a bunch of uncaring ghouls and society-hating upstarts, like most punk rockers, once the system works in their favour, apparently black metallers are all over maintaining the status quo.

Case in point: Bergen-based outfit Gorgoroth have been battling in court over who trademarked the name first. Dudes who herald themselves as Satanists and hang out with church-burners are bickering about a moniker they stole from J.R.R. Tolkein? Sheesh.

As is the case with most of these makeup-wearing goons, it's totally convoluted thanks to the band being in existence since approximately 1992 and going through more members than years together.The real story probably died years ago. However, according to Oslo City District Court, former bassist Tom Cato Visnes (King Ov Hell)'s trademark registration of the band name is not valid and shall therefore be deleted; he and vocalist Gaahl (Kristian Espedal) excluded themselves from the band when they tried to fire founding member/guitarist Infernus (Roger Tiegs) in October 2007. The court further states that Infernus cannot be excluded from Gorgoroth unless he himself decides to quit. The remaining issues concerning financial matters and such are yet to be decided upon.

Blabbermouth.net recently posted the following statement from Cato Visnes Espedal about the outcome:

"Regarding the recent court case over the use of the name GORGOROTH, Kristian Espedal and Tom Cato Visnes confirm that parts of the verdict have been decided and went in favour of Infernus. This is only a partial verdict on the case. Because of the complexity of this case, there will be further court hearings and the final verdict will be announced within a few weeks. Gaahl and King wish Infernus the best of luck using the banner of GORGOROTH on his art."