Gorerotted Only Tools and Corpses

You may remember their Mutilated In Minutes debut from last year; UK gore-grind masters Gorerotted are back with another gory, grind-y extreme metal slop-fest. And it freakin' rules, immediately establishing these guys at the top of the pack. The main thing that keeps me coming back for more here is the production sound; clear as a bell, which is a rarity in this genre indeed. But it works, because these guys can play their instruments well; they can also write a damn catchy tune. The addition of some high-pitched vocals offset the deeper vox nicely. With a punk rock attitude, grindcore blasting and memorable thrash elements, these zany guys (a sense of humour is always welcome in metal) do this so well it really won 't matter that you've kind of heard it before. I mean, does anyone complain that Exhumed aren't the most original thing around? No, because they kick ass, and with this CD, Gorerotted are right there beside 'em in gore-grind's front line. (Metal Blade)