Gorelust Reign of Lunacy

GorelustReign of Lunacy
This is a re-release of a 1995 album from long-forgotten Quebec death metal band Gorelust. It's easy to see how this one could have been lost in the shuffle back in '95, being a pretty standard waltz through Floridian death metal. There's a slight technical aspect and it's not all bass-heavy cookie monster fare, with some distance between the instruments making the sound thinner than, say, Suffocation. That also means it's slightly more digestible, because the bottom-end onslaught doesn't totally annihilate the listener. At just under half-an-hour, this is a fun little Canuck death metal curio, and while it has riffs that kill ("Abhorrence Beyond Repugnance"), this won't lift it out of the generously full "long-forgotten" section of wherever death metal bands go when they die. But, if those sludge riffs in "Sclerosed Brain Eater" have anything to say about it, it will at least, for a few moments in 2012 and maybe even 2013, get heads banging again. (PRC)