Gorelord Force Fed On Human Flesh

Horror movies and metal has always been a match made in heaven for confused males, and Gorelord continue the time-honoured tradition forged by Necrophagia and Mortician. There's more of a "tongue in cheek" vibe here, with hilarious lyrics that are more camp than anything resembling a real scare, and those way over the top song titles (you win guys, you win). The band, which is essentially one guy, excretes a rather noxious death metal, recalling the weird death of Mortician but with less hyper-grinding and more high-pitched vocals. It all squishes together into one pulsating bruised sore of a sound after a couple of songs, with any sort of rhyme or reason, sense of purpose or sense of song getting totally annihilated underneath the band's anti-social vibe. It's gore-core, so it's nothing new, but when you don't expect anything new you can't be let down, as legions of underground psychotics who rush out to buy this album will find out. (Relapse)