​Gordon Lightfoot Quits Smoking for New Album

​Gordon Lightfoot Quits Smoking for New Album
Earlier this year, Gordon Lightfoot revealed that a new album is in the works, but that's not the biggest change he's undergoing. The 80-year-old singer-songwriter apparently quit smoking while making the new record.
As the Canadian Press reports, the musician kicked the habit recently, around the same time he started writing new material for the upcoming album.
Speaking to the Toronto Sun in 2016, Lightfoot revealed that he had emphysema and had to bring oxygen with him on tour, which he described as "no big deal." When asked if he had quit smoking, he replied, "Of course not! Did anyone? For heaven's sake, I started very, very young. I was 15."
More recently, Lightfoot revealed that he started on the new songs back in October, revisiting a number of songs that he'd written during the making of Harmony, but forgotten about until recently.
Harmony was initially set for release in 2001, but was put aside when Lightfoot suffered a ruptured artery. It was later released in 2004 (though Lightfoot wasn't particularly happy with the way it was finished).
The upcoming album is slated to be released later this year or in 2020, and he previously described it as "kind of philosophical" and "kind of funny."
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A new documentary about Lightfoot called Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind premieres at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto this weekend.