Gordon B. Ismor. Contrapuntal Lines

Contagiously quirky and energetically enthusiastic, the latest release from BC-based Gordon B. Ismor is the follow-up to his acerbic At Parties. The sound is different in many ways from his previous work. Contrapuntal Lines opens with the slacker anthem "I Get Up (Why Do I Get Up)," which leads the listener to the weirder yet more enlightening tracks that make up the short album. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting, this album does not disappoint. The musicianship itself makes for a feast of different sounds, including a predominant synthesiser, accordion and violin, which compliment Ismor's idiosyncratic lyrical musings. His obliqueness could be compared to some early Tom Waits, although more so in spirit than in actual sound. The spacy, hypnotic "Roller Boogie" is perhaps the highlight, but it is hard to choose one song that is a standout, as every song has something unique to offer. A real treat, pure and simple, this album should be sought out, purchased and spread among the masses. Gordon B. Ismor is a bright light in a Canadian music scene that needs one. (Independent)