Gord Grdina Trio with Mats Gustafsson Barrel Fire

Guitarist/composer Gord Grdina brought in free-jazz/improv fire breather Mats Gustafsson to spice things up. And the live five-song recording finds the Swedish sax phenom to be a remarkably empathetic team player, digging into Grdina's challenging compositions with gusto. Opener "F.W.R." is burning from the downbeat, with drummer Kent Loewen thundering as Grdina and Gustafsson solo simultaneously (one can imagine the audience rocking in their seats for this killing showstopper). "Burning Bright" is more of the same while being actually quite different, with more dual duelling, but with a fleet-fingered bass solo beautifully delivered by Tony Babin. For "229," Gustafsson picks up his alt-axe (the baritone sax) and gets down with his multi-phonic bad self. "En Shakoota" provides an exotic change of pace, as Grdina plays his haunting piece on oud. The disc finishes with rousing barnburner "Barrel Fire" and the audience noisily makes its pleasure known for having witnessed such passionate music making. (Drip Audio)