Goons of Doom Bikey Zomby

The EP is strong on raw, lo-fi tactics. These five tracks unravel in disastrous bursts that careen through tunnels of loose, uninhibited rock. This Australian quintet proclaim their music to fall somewhere between dirty rock’n’roll and horror pop, but the "rebellious spirit” of surfing also has a strong influence on their approach to songwriting. Front-man Ozzie Wright is a pro-surfer, and the ocean has been a big part in the lives of the other band members as well. The horror-influence isn’t immediately recognisable but judging by the members’ names — Bang Bang Bunny Fan, Cut-throat Cowboy, Vaughan Dead and Killa Whale — they do lean towards the humorously bizarre. As they sing on about such pressing matters as rat skin boots, long haircuts, and blood on the streets, you can be sure the Goons of Doom aren’t going to be challenging anyone’s intellectual prowess any time soon, but they will be providing some wild fun. (Volcom)