Google Announces Restrictions on Ticket Resellers

Google Announces Restrictions on Ticket Resellers
While the Ontario government looked to regulate ticket reselling practices through legislation last month, Google is now set to do its part with the implementation of new global restrictions next year.

Come January, the tech giant will require ticket resellers to be certified by Google in order to advertise through AdWords. More specifically, resellers "can't imply that they are the primary or original provider of event tickets and must disclose to customers that they are a reseller."

Links to resale sites such as StubHub sometimes appear higher up in search results compared to primary sale sites.

"Resellers must also tell customers that prices may be higher than the face value (the price offered by the primary provider)," Google wrote in a statement. "Prices must be broken down to show the values of included fees and taxes during checkout and before the customer provides payment information."

Resellers will be able to request certification through Google on January 8 next year, when the company publishes the application form.