Goodnight Streetlight Post-Meltdown Friend

Goodnight Streetlight is the work of 23-year-old Raoul Fernandes, who created this warm, quiet, occasionally sad work of trip-hop and electro-pop in his bedroom in Tsawassen, BC. Combining simple Casio keyboard lines with some home-made beats and occasional vocals by women Raoul met over the internet (but otherwise doesn't know), Post-Meltdown Friend is a fascinating exploration of Siouxsie-inspired goth and harder, more drum & bass style beats. He's managed to make an album that's quite a compelling listen, especially given its obviously lo-fi origins, and the only flaw - that at nearly 70 minutes it's an overwhelming, almost impossible listen in a single sitting - is the result only of his ambition. The next Goodnight Streetlight effort is sure to be more polished, more focussed, and will truly make a mark. (Independent)