Goodfellow Records

Goodfellow Records
Headquarters: Hamilton, ON
Date of Birth: 1996
Releases to date: 31
Bands of note: Taken, Every Time I Die, Premonitions of War
Upcoming releases: Cursed, Blessing the Hogs, the Secret

If it's tough to be in a hardcore/metal band in Canada (what with our fragmented scene, constant turnover of fans, gone too quickly bands and "too cool for you" attitude), imagine starting (much less running) a label in the Great White North. But that is exactly what ex-Chokehold/Seventy Eight Days singer Chris Logan did. In the eight years since its inception, Goodfellow Records has seen its popularity and reputation continue to rise, while almost all other independent Canadian aggressive music labels go belly-up, through sticking to the "cliché" ideals of releasing good records and believing in what you do.

Big Scorsese Fan, Eh?
Chris Logan: The name is actually from a hardwood flooring company. Weird, huh?

If You Fertilise, They Will Come
Our goals are mainly to release music from bands that are amazing and no one has ever heard of before, and to also represent the different beliefs and views in the hardcore scene. We'll just keep doing what we do and hope kids realise that there is other music out there that isn't on the radio and not marketed like a fucking chocolate bar or a new flavour of bubblegum. That shit always has an end somewhere not that far away. Support the soil of the scene — that is where all good things come from. The rest are just seasonal flowers.

So You'd Just Be Relapse Then...
In a dream world, I'd release Eyehategod, Pig Destroyer, Soilent Green.

Profits? What profits?
If you are going to run a business, you need money and all money made goes right back into what we do. Wait, we don't make any money. How do we do this?

Good Times While They Lasted
I would say we are defined by putting out amazing bands that are underrated and break up.

Kids Dig Those Computer Thingys
We don't have [a marketing strategy]. We do ads because we feel we have to, but we concentrate more on getting the music heard through other avenues, like street teams and message boards and free MP3s. I think we have a pretty good online presence, we get a fair amount of visitors to the site and our web store has been doing better and better. We have a lot of plans for next year to make a bigger mark on the web.