Good Old War Come Back As Rain

Good Old WarCome Back As Rain
The success of Britain's Mumford & Sons has given hope to countless other acoustic pop outfits the world over, and this third full-length release from Good Old War is perfectly in tune with folk music's current mainstream resurgence. However, what this trio from Philadelphia, PA are offering, in spite of their rough-hewn hipster image, is nothing new and can be traced back to Barenaked Ladies through Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash and even the Kingston Trio. The most popular end of the folk spectrum has always intrinsically appealed to WASPs, and Come Back As Rain's jaunty odes to campus puppy love ("Amazing Eyes," "After The Party") are unflatteringly aimed at that demographic. The counter argument is that this is in fact pop music and because it's performed with banjos and mandolins there is a deeper level of authenticity. I've never bought that notion, although many others have and still do. What Good Old War have forgotten, and as Mumford & Sons have proven, is that even fluff requires a modicum of angst. (Sargent House)