Good Life Lovers Need Lawyers

Though it began as a moody, goth-inspired side-project for Cursive’s Tim Kasher, the Good Life has gained more formative footing in its current peppy, pop rock incarnation. A primer for a forthcoming full-length, Lovers Need Lawyers collects six terribly catchy songs whose bitter, sardonic subject matter belie their sunny disposition. Songs like "Entertainer,” "Always a Bridesmaid” and "Friction” masquerade as jaunty gems but are actually filled with malicious imagery, as Kasher comes to terms with his own apparent disillusionment with the music industry and deteriorating personal relationships. Actually, the EP’s title provides the grandest hint as to Kasher’s bitter perspectives on life and love and the negativity inherent in both. Fans of Ben Folds and Joel Plaskett’s days in Thrush Hermit should connect with this EP and should keep an eye out for the full-length follow-up later this summer. (Saddle Creek)