The Good Good Furrows

On the Good Good’s Furrows, bits and pieces of songs surface and disappear in fits and starts, lacking the necessary framework for any bigger-picture synthesis. That the record lacks cohesion isn’t surprising, since it’s really two EPs recorded over a year and sequenced next to each other. The Good Good’s experimental indie rock hints at jazz, freak folk and straight-up guitar pop but typically the band don’t stick with anything very long. Likewise, there are hints of hooks, but, for the most part, nothing really hangs around long enough to give the listener a chance to grab hold, which can be frustrating. The Microphones-esque "Flies” is the compilation’s two-minute peak, with brittle vocals accompanying a soft acoustic arpeggio that gives way to an accordion and clarinet-driven climax. The Brooklyn trio’s miniscule attention span is its defining characteristic, its blessing and curse; until the Good Good manage their wanderlust, it’ll be the latter. (Menlo Park)