Good Boys "I'm Not Pretending" (video)

Good Boys "I'm Not Pretending" (video)
The Good Boys are currently prepping their debut album for release in the new year, but is pleased to give you a first look at the band's new video for "I'm Not Pretending."

Inspired by the glory days of AM radio, the Good Boys are a throwback to "a time when a dapper group of men dressed in suit jackets and neckties could turn a room of well-behaved teenagers into a teeming frenzy."

Based on that description, it may be surprising to some that the new three-piece consists of Burlington, ON hardcore band I Am Committing a Sin members Andrew Basso, Daniel Tremblay and Paul Marc Rousseau — the latter also known for his work with Silverstein.

But for the new project, they've fully embraced the feel-good sounds of sonic innovators like the Beatles and the Beach Boys, delivering what they describe as "clean-cut, catchy pop-rock songs."

The new clip is set at an old-school cocktail party and proves that they've still got some bad boy edge, but the song is all wholesome fun. Watch as the tattoos are traded in for suits, tightly slicked back hair and chainsmoking that would make even Don Draper proud.

Stay tuned for details on the forthcoming album, due out via Culvert Music, but for now get transported back to the early days of pop and check out the video for "I'm Not Pretending" below.